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  • Bananas produced in Mozambique sold in South Africa

    The African Food Company in 2014 posted turnover of around 10 million rand from exporting around 3,000 tons of bananas to the South African market, produced in Chivonguene, Guijá in the Mozambican province of Gaza, said the company’s production director. >>See More

  • Mozambique is the gateway to Southern Africa writes China Daily

    Mozambique is a “gateway to the south of the African continent” with “unlimited natural resources,” “an enviable location” and “new industries,” according to a description given by state-run newspaper China Daily. >>See More

  • Guebuza Urges Definite Buildings for FACIM

    Mozambican President Armando Guebuza on Monday called on the organisers of the Maputo International Trade Fair (FACIM) to set up definitive infrastructures for the fair at Ricatla, in the southern district of Marracuene. >>See More

  • Mozambique has 170 trillion cubic feet of natural gas

    Oil prospecting in the Rovuma basin, district of Palma in northern Mozambique, has confirmed the existence of 170 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, Mozambique’s Minister for Mineral Resources, Esperança Bias said in Pemba. >>See More

  • Natural Gas Exploration in Mozambique Provides Opportunities for SMEs

    The president of Mozambique suggested Wednesday that businesspeople in the country should to prepare to take advantage of the business opportunities that will arise from exploration of natural gas deposits, according to daily newspaper Notícias. >>See More

  • Mozambique's 50th FACIM, bring 3,000 Domestic and Foreign Exhibitors

    Mozambique's 50th International Trade Fair (FACIM) kicked off on Monday in Ricatla in the Marracuene district of Mozambique’s Maputo province, bringing together some3,000national and foreign exhibitors. The fair is due to end on 31 June. >>See More