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Mozambican President Attended the Opening Ceremony of Matchedje Motor

Matchedje Motor solemnly held the opening ceremony on October 2. President of Mozambique Guebuza, Chinese ambassador to Mozambique Li Chunhua, GAZEDA Director, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Minister of Planning and Development Department, Minister of Science and Technology, Customs Director, officials of various ministries and leaders of Chinese-funded enterprises, nearly 400 people attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for mass production.

The first buses, pickup and electric cars arranged neatly in the factory and show a spectacular scene, the Mozambican national flag, the Chinese national flag and the Matchedje Factory flag fluttered in the breeze. Many guests of exalted rank were present, the factory filled with joyful atmosphere. Nearby people spontaneously gathered at the factory gates when they know that the president will come, they dressed in traditional costumes, singing and dancing, to welcome the arrival of the president with the greatest enthusiasm.

The president's motorcade was coming slowly at 9:00, the waiting people start cheering. The president got off at the door, frequently waved to the people and shook hands with chairman of Matchedje Motor like old friends. Workers of Matchedje Motor dressed in festive costumes and uniforms, lined up to welcome the president and shouting "MATCHEDJE! MATCHEDJE!". His Excellency Mr. Guebuza was affected by their enthusiasm and led all the people to chant.

President Guebuza, accompanied by the Chinese ambassador Li Chunhua, board members of Matchedje Motor and officials of various ministries, visited the Matchedje Motor factory. He personally unveiled the Signboard of the factory, planted a palm tree and cut the ribbon for the workshop. The front-line workers in the workshop are all Mozambican employees. They made technology demonstration for the president to lift the frame on the chassis. The President was very pleased and encouraged the employees to cherish the opportunity and improve their own technology. The President visited the checking line workshop with interest and studied the whole links of the test line carefully. Inspection report was printed on-site after the vehicle testing. Emissions, automobile brake, the lights and other performances are all meet China's auto industry standards.

Director of Matchedje Motor, Ms. Song Shengjie presided the subsequent meeting, Minister of Commerce and Industry and governor of Maputo province firstly delivered speeches to celebrate the opening of Matchedje Motor. Chinese ambassador to Mozambique, Li Chunhua praised that Matchedje motor is a model of industrial cooperation between China and Mozambique. Chairman of Matchedje Motor, Mr. Cao Hongru recalled the building process of Matchedje Motor. Three years ago, President Guebuza personally named the first national brand car of Mozambique ‘Matchedje’. In the construction process, the whole nation of Mozambique gave great concern to Matchedje Motor, the Mozambican government has established a special working group to facilitate and coordinate the various problems in the production process, Ambassadors Li Chunhua and other leaders of the Chinese Embassy have been inspected the factory repeatedly and gave Matchedje Motor great concerns and encouragements. Mr. Cao Hongru expressed sincere gratitude to them. He promised that Matchedje Motor will not live up their expectations and will produce cars of first-class quality for the people of Mozambique. Finally, the president delivered a speech. He spoke highly of Matchedje Motor and asked the Government and the people of Mozambique to buy their own cars. After visiting the rain workshop experiments, the presidential motorcade left the factory and all the people gave a warm farewell.


Chairman of Matchedje Motor, Mr. Cao Hongru, board members Mr. Lin Pingxin, Mr. Zhu Jianping, Ms. Song Shengjie, factory director Mr. Zhang Jiajian, deputy director Mr. Cheng Zhuojun and Mr. An Xiang led all Chinese and Mozambican staff participated in the celebration.



















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