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Chian Become the Largest Foreign Investment Country in Mozambique

According to the investment data of the first half of 2017 published by Mozambique Investment Promotion Bureau (APIEX), China instead of United Arab Emirates and South Africa during 2011 to 2016, has become the largest foreign investment country in Mozambique, the investment amount was USD 173 million dollars, followed by Mauritius, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, India, Spain, South Korea, Paraguay, Canada and United States, cited the news of the Ministry of Commerce website of September 7.

According to the news of the Ministry of Commerce website, the supervisor of APIEX, Mr. Sambu said, on the distribution situation of invested province, Maputo Direct-controlled municipality has been the largest recipient of foreign investment for the last five years, accounting for 23.34%. Tete accounting for 17.32%, ranks the second, with Maputo province behind in the third, accounting for 16.29%. Niassa province and Manica province have attacted the lowest investment in the last five years, accounting for 0.47% and 0.90% respectively.

In May of this year, Chinese Ambassador in Mozambique, Su Jian said in his article, the relationship between China and Mozambique developed comprehensively, Bilateral cooperation has fruitful results, Mozambique has outstanding regional advantage, it was an important marine outfall for Southeast African inland countries and the regional traffic corridor, and it was the natural extension of Marine Silk Road of the 21th Century in Africa. Mozambique have advantageous resources with rich energy and mineral resources. Currently, Mozambique was still in the primary stage for the realization of industrialization and modernization, it was actively strive for accelerating the progress of industrialization and modernization, continuously improve investment and business environment to attract foreign investment and receive international industrial capacity and raised its position in international industrial chain.

According to report, on March, 16 this year, Chinese Embassy in Mozambique cited Chinese Political Counselor in Portuguese, Nie Quan said at a ceremony in Lisbon, Chinese investment in Mozambique increase rapidly in recent years, it almost reached USD 6 billion dollars so far. About one hundred company operated in energy, agriculture, fishery, real estate, building material, tourist, public transportation, telecommunication, infrastructure, business and other territories.

Mozambique Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mondlane revealed at the One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit forum, China invested to build many infrastructures such asa ports, roads and bridge and social project such as hospital school and others in Mozambique. Chinese made wide variety of investment in Mozambique that strongly help the development of Mozambique. She said that Mozambique with other countries will strengthen the cooperation with China under the frame of One Belt And One Road together,  People.com.cn reported. 

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