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Matchedje Motor Held Signing Ceremony of Cooperation with EMTPM

The Government of Mozambique requested Mozambique Bus Company (EMTPM) to solve the public transportation problem as soon as possible. Now EMTPM have more than 200 buses,but only 50 buses of which running normally, the rest all destroyed and out of service. In order to improve the public transportation status of Maputo, Matchedje Motor negotiated with EMTPM several times. After initially repaired and renovated,the scraped car run well, EMTPM was very satisfied. Therefore, the two parties decided to held the signing ceremony of cooperation in EMTPM.


Currently, EMTPM have more than 90 Chinese Yutong buses are scraped or need repaired, besides, there are dozens of Volkswagen and Tata vehicles. Matchedje Motor will firstly repair and renovate Chinese vehicles, the scraped will be repaired within one year and enter into operation. This project make use of the existing storage resource of EMTPM and spend short time and low cost, it will cost about USD 10 million dollars to repair all the above buses.

Matchedje will provide preferential price to repair and renovate these buses, the expense will be only one sixth of the price of a new bus but the performance will be the same. Matchedje Motor ensured that the buses after maintenance will operate normally in two years, they will also provide EMTPM training about vehicle maintenance. This matter has great significance.

Counselor Liu From Commercial department of Chinese Embassy and ten more personnel from Mozambican related departments participated in the signing ceremony. 











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