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CCTV4 Reported Matchedje Motor Create Bus Classroom for Mozambique

 Recently, requested by Mozambique Education Ministry, the Ministry of Transportation and Matchedje Motor, Lda. signed a public welfare cooperative project in Maputo: the Ministry of Transportation provide abandoned buses, and Matchedje Motor factory responsible for transform these buses to public classroom for Mozambican students. 


External photo of the buses for transformation


The chairman of Matchedje Motor, Lda., Mr. Cao Hongru told the writer that this is a public welfare project initiated by three parties, Mozambique Education Ministry, the Ministry of Transportation and Matchedje Motor, Lda. It plans to transform 20 buses at the first stage, to equip 30 to 40 desks and chairs, add teaching appliance, lay solar lighting line for each bus. It need about a month to transform the first 10 buses. 


Internal photo of the buses for transformation


Mr. Cao Hongru said that these buses are scrapped, however, they have the whole frame and it is too pity to disassemble to scrapped iron. After negotiation, it decided to transform these buses to classroom by Chinese to make contribution for the education business of Mozambique, turn waste to wealth. 


There are some open-air school and hut school in poverty-stricken area of Mozambique. These bus classroom will be sent to these area to improve the education environment. 


Hut school in poverty-stricken area of Mozambique


Mozambique state-operated bus corporation has received foreign assistant buses for several times, however, for bad management, less professional trained drivers, without maintenance, many buses has short service life and abandoned buses keep on increasing.


According to information, abandoned buses in Mozambique mainly are Germany Volkswagen and Chinese Yutong Buses. Volkswagen buses are damaged too heavy to repair; Yutong Buses are Chinese brand so it is easy to purchase auto parts, and Matchedje Motor will responsible to repair and renovate these buses and deliver to bus corporation to operate. There will be 100 Yutong Buses to be renovated. 


Volkswagen buses will be transform to bus classroom, Yutong buses will be repaired and renovated


Matchedje Motor is the first auto brand invested by Chinese enterprise for Mozambique, it normally enter into production in 2014, then president Guebuza named it with the name of sacred place for the revolution, Matchedje. Matchedje Motor, as Chinese enterprise in Mozambique, transform bus classroom for Mozambique is a pioneering work of public welfare activity in Africa, it will objectively play an active role for strengthening China-Mozambique friendship and improving the image of Chinese in Mozambique. 


Matchedje Buses


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