Modernity and Noblelity are manifested in every aspect;

    Headlights and Taillights together exhibit amazing charm;

    The Broad front screen provides the driver with full panorama field of vision;

    Front, Middle door and capacious seats give you perfect riding experience.



BI MAXI M 155 is a front engine, two steps bus, which is developed and designed in the concept of General purpose and serialization. two-stage, large gap and wide wheelbase front axle makes the height of floor and steps much lower, so that there is no obstacle to go through the driving area. The interior is optimized designed to bring a large space, not only ensure the passenger capacity, but also speed up the flow of passengers; the bus uses advanced dedicated bus chassis, the main parts are available for the 10 meter bus, so the  maintenance and spare parts for the operate unit is  convenience, this will  effectively reduce the cost of maintenance and operation of the operate unit, so that save moneys for customers  and gain more operational profit; the using of gas engine is energy conservation and emission reduction, to further reduce operating costs.