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Chinese Counselor Office of the State Council Visit Mozambique and Hold a Symposium

June 1, 2016, a delegation of Chinese Counselor Office of the State Council hold a Symposium in the Chinese Embassy in Mozambique, the delegation of six members was led by Vice Director of Internal Affairs, Wang Weimin to visit Mozambique and study in the areas of economic and others.

The symposium was presided over by Chinese Commercial Counselor Wang Lipei. The chairman of Matchedje Motor, Mr. Cao Hongru made a report on the development progress of Matchedje Motor, suggestions for enterprises Step Outand request of further supports from Chinese government. In conclusion, the leader of the delegation Wang Weimin positively praised the successful exploration that Matchedje Motor made for the China-Mozambique capacity cooperation. The project follows the development policy, Chinese Government will provide more actual supports to local capacity cooperation enterprises.


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