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Cao Hongru (Chairman of the board of directors)

is mainly responsible for the overall strategic planning and business management of Matchedje Motor LDA. Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University ship Department in 1978. Has worked in the government of Anhui province, and organized and operated several real estate and futures companies.






Lin Pingxin (Director)

Master of Business Administration (2002-2004) of American Wisconsin International University Mainly responsible for daily management work of Matchedje Motor ,Lda, and  in charge of the financial, logistics business of the company. Once held the post of the enterprise director, Party branch secretary, has rich business operations, management experience, familiar with the trade flow.



Zhu Jianping (Chief Executive)

Doctor of Business Administration of Victoria University (2002-2004) served as the director of a large state-owned enterprise, general manager, Secretary of the Party committee; Executive Chairman of Stock Group, Chairman of holding groups.Rich social resources, and experience in management. Now mainly responsible for the external coordination of Mozambican plant,Matchedje automobile market development, and other African projects start.





Song Shengjie (Director and the Secretary of the board)

Responsible for the relation coordination with senior government officials in Mozambican, strive for preferential policies from local senior government officials. Graduated from East China Normal University in 2002, served as the assistant to the president of the world 500 strong enterprise.





Wang Pengfei (General Manager of Financing department)

Master of business administration of Renmin University of China. Accountant title. A former finance director of listing Corporation and Foreign capital company. Responsible for the financial management, capital management and capital operation. Proficient in financial management, good at cost control and budget management; familiar with foreign and domestic capital market and Fund market, familiar with the project financing, mergers and acquisitions and familiar with IPO process




Carlo Nizia (Chinese Ni Zhikai, Global director of sales)

Master of management. Italian (mother tongue), proficient in English - French - Spanish - Portuguese (fluent), familiar with the Dutch - turkish. More than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Used to serve as executive director in theFiat auto Lease, general manager of Fiat Auto Finance Company limited. Familiar with financial and automotive dealer development and management, advertising planning and marketing. Have complete experience in project management in automobile factory, such as master of business adminstration more than 20 years.Executive direcor in Fiat  financial services.He has vast experience in project management and execution for startors and new entries.





Zhang Jiajian (Mozambican factory Director)

Bachelor of Business administration, economist. A former party secretary and director of state-owned enterprise for many years (more than 5000 people scale factory), many years experience in factory control, familiar with 6S Site management and ISO Factory management system. At present, overall responsible for Matchedje factory management.


An Xiang (production manager)

Graduation major in mechanical manufacture, senior technician. Responsible for production planning, and skill and scene scheduling.