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Dear Dealer Candidate


We would like to congratulate you on thinking to join our transportation revolution for Mozambique.

Matchedje is the right solution to mobilize the country with a multi functional range of products that will wow the people for many years to come........

We have established a rigorous process to determine the best candidates for dealership and the best people that will carry and diffuse the message and distribute to the people Matchedje products.

We will be localized in the best locations and together with your help and investment we will ensure that the best service will be delivered from the moment of the decision to purchase onward to the delivery and beyond with the aftersales service.

Many locations and different size dealerships are available for your interest, keeping in mind that to be dealer requires skills, resources, investments, but most of all dedication and passion.....

If you believe that the above describes your point of view and profile, we would like to hear from you and we welcome your enquiry at


Please introduce yourself or your Group and capabilities and we will answer and select through our process the best candidates for the location and for the new Matchedje network




Matchedje Management