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  • China will Set a Timetable for Banned Fuel Vehicles

    China has begun to study and make a ban on traditional fuel vehicles, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Xin Guobin said the above information in 2017 China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum on September 9.

    Previously, there have been a number of countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom a >>See More

  • Chian Become the Largest Foreign Investment Country in Mozambique

    According to the investment data of the first half of 2017 published by Mozambique Investment Promotion Bureau (APIEX), China instead of United Arab Emirates and South Africa during 2011 to 2016, has become the largest foreign investment country in Mozambique, the investment amount was USD 173 million dollars, followed by Mauritius, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, India, Spain, South Korea, Paraguay, Canada and United States, cited the news of the Ministry of Commerce website of September 7. >>See More

  • TCT-Indústrias Florestais invests in limestone quarry in Mozambique

    Forestry company TCT-Indústrias Florestais plans to invest US$3 million in the exploration of limestone deposits in central Mozambique, manager James Whaite told Mozambican daily newspaper Diário de Moçambique, published in Beira, Sofala province。 >>See More

  • Government of Mozambique promotes the Special Economic Zone (EEZ) of Nacala and the islands of Crussi and Jamali

    The Mozambican government intends to publicise the Nacala Special Economic Zone and the tourist project of the islands of Crussi and Jamali, by launching a tender to hire companies to produce promotional material and image banks, according to information from the Ministry for the Economy and Finance. >>See More

  • Former Mabor Moçambique tyre factory sold to printing company

    The Mabor factory, a former tyre factory in Mozambique that has been abandoned for several years, will house a printing company, which will produce books and school textbooks and magazines, the chief executive of state stakeholding institute Igepe, Raimundo Matele, said in Maputo according to the Mozambican press. >>See More

  • Government of Mozambique seeks partner for LAM airline

    The Mozambican government is looking for a strategic partner that will make it possible to recover the Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (LAM) airline, said the chief executive of state stakeholding company Igepe, Raimundo Matule, cited by Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias. >>See More